Monday, November 8, 2010


Lately I APPARENTLY have not had time for blogging! AH! I must stay committed! We have had a LOT going on here in Wichita and I keep debating on whether or not to split all the happenings up into many blogs or just get it all in one. WELL...verdict=one huge blog. So go grab some coffee cuz I have a lot of updates in the Chance/Katie department.
To start off with, a new and ghetto habit of Chance and mine is to bring the spa home! We have just been wanting to relax at night and well, my feet get cold easy...So I decided that homemade foot bath was a great solution. And by homemade, I mean I found a big storage container, added some bubble bath, and poured in hot water by the cup til it was full enough for us to soak in front of the tv....Impressed? You should be.
Every now and then I would request for hotter water to be added, and Chance was a great hot-water-adder to our little arrangement:) Love you babe! Even when we are oh so classy;)

You also may remember that Chance and I both ride motorcycles, well...mine is a 250 and Chance's is 650 (i think!) and mine is obviously a bit slower. I have been riding about a year and half so I decided I wanted to try his bigger bike out for size. It was really fun! I know I would want to practice around for awhile before committing to a bigger bike, but we had fun swapping bikes for the afternoon. Mine is lowered, so Chance looks pretty funny on mine!

Ok a real quick update on the cuteness of my puppy and my spoilage from Chance. I know these are not the largest issues to address, but I'm sneaking them into the big burrito-size blog here.
How fluffy and cute is Harley?!

And yes, Chance got me a pedicure a few weeks ago...I am so lucky! Thanks, Chance know how to spoil a girl!

We also hosted a little sushi party one night when Ben and Anna came was a good first experience! haha. It actually wasn't awful, but you can see that although our rolls have all the right makings, they are! We are still learning how to roll. But we had all the fixins for the night and I attempted to cook the rice the special sushi way without a rice cooker! It was fun, and will be attempted again for sure:)

Well, we went to Chicago this last weekend and I AM DYING WITHOUT MY NIECES AND NEPHEW right now! I can't even show you in pictures how precious these kiddos are, but I wish they lived closer! Chance and I decided to torture ourselves and drive up there through the night for 12 hrs there on thursday night and then back last night (sunday). Well, all I can say is that I'd leave and do it all again right now for one more kiss on my new niece's cheeks! Luella is SOO cute and I can't believe my sister has 3 kids! She is so grown up and fancy with a family! I am so jealous of her classy Chicago home and cute cute cute kids! She somehow balances all of that madness on top of a new baby! I love her so much and I can't wait to see them all again at Christmas. I totally forgot how special it is to hold a new little baby...especially one that is my family! We spent Friday doing the downtown shopping and I pretty much spent my entire paycheck on H&M clothes for Chance and me. We went crazy. Chance, me, and the whole Harris fam got bundled up to go downtown for some Michigan Ave shopping and train was so cold! Thanks, Suze, for braving it for us! For some reason Chicago makes me go into shopping spree mode where I believe that I only have like 30 minutes to grab whatever I can and buy it before the world implodes. This was Chance's first city experience! He had never been to Chicago so it was a whirlwind for him running around behind me holding clothes that I wasn't even trying on...just assuming it would work, and answering questions about his size and would he wear this sweater or this coat...etc. Poor thing! He handled it great though!
We spent Saturday being with the family and going to watch Sammy play soccer. Man he is such a ball of energy! He was after that ball and super excited that we came to watch. I can't wait to see him be a super awesome athlete like his dad:) I also got to go to the Container of favorite places EVER and had to document it with a few pictures:) I told Chance that someday I will have a container for all my containers.
Saturday night, Chance took me on a SUPER fancy special date to downtown Chicago for dinner. We ate on the 95th floor of the Hancock building in the Signature Room! We got a window table, and spent the entire meal looking down 95 floors to the view of Navy Pier and off the other direction, the Chicago skyline and the Sears tower! It was gorgeous. Super fancy and of course, Chance couldn't say no to steak. We got two huge steaks and took in the view. I can't believe my boyfriend likes doing fun things like that! I never thought I'd find a boy who wants to be as adventurous as I like to be. Chance has been keeping up with, if not a step ahead of me, the entire way:) We had a special night of dinner and then went out on the town after our meal. We attempted to go dancing but after about an hour of it, we were so full and tired we had to head back haha. Is that a bad sign?....
Sunday was a relaxing day with the family. Susan and the fam went to church and left little Wella with Chance and me. We soaked her in all weekend. She is such a relaxed and snuggly baby!
An old friend of mine is photographer and he had taken some pictures of me a LONG time ago back when he lived in Wichita. Well he has since moved to Chicago and he saw on my facebook that I was in town so we caught up and decided to take some pictures with Chance and me for fun since we had a couple hours while the kids napped. We ended up having to drive pretty far south of the city but it was so much fun! We went to an old abandoned farm area and took some shots for just an hour or so. It was so fun! He is really sarcastic so I'm pretty sure half the shots are us laughing or me making a face back at him for something he said. He hasn't sent all the shots yet, but I will post them when he does:) Hopefully there will be a few keepers.
Here are some pics of the Chicago trip, you will have to attempt to put them in order of happenings:) Feel free to be jealous that I got to kiss on those chunky baby cheeks all weekend!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Honeymoon phase?

Well we have had quite a mish-mosh of goings-on here in Wichita the past few weeks so I am gonna do a quick run down via some pictures to get back on track blog-wise:) First off...Chance is STILL perfect. Some of you are probably thinking we are just "still in the honeymoon phase"...and believe me, I've been waiting for it to end....but it just doesn't! Chance is just sweet and that's all there is to it. I don't think it's changing. He left me this sitting on my driver's seat to find at the end of my work day last week (he has a copy of my car keys).

If you can't tell what it is, it's a gift certificate for a pedicure! Man, I am spoiled! I WILL say that some of my pedicures are due to him losing some sort of bet we made, but the other 98% are just from his sweet self.
I'm sure you noticed that on the card he wrote that I would be receiving something else for my feet later that week! This is what I received:

How awesome are these slippers!!! SOOO comfy! The back story to these is this. We watch Jersey Shore. UGHHH I said it. We admit to it. It's an awful show with awful people....I know....BUT we watch it. Go ahead and judge but it's mindless reality tv and we subject ourselves to it. One of the more popular characters "Snooki" (Her real name is Nicole I think) is this jersey-licious crazy girl with a ridiculous personality to say the least. She is pretty awful, but we saw her on TV one week and Chance thought her slippers were pretty dang cool. I agreed that I wish I had some big ole sneaker slippers to wear around the house. Little did I know his memory was storing this detail for my end of the week surprise:) Here is Snooki's slippers. They are identical to MINE! (BTW she is cleaning up the chicken she dropped out of the fridge one night)

And just to quick drop a sweet picture of our Harley girl, here is our pup with my slippers:) She thinks they are pretty comfy.

Ok...on to the next. We had a special date night with Benanna a couple weeks ago at the Downtown Warren theater. It's a really cute/fancy theater for Wichita in old town. Anyway, on Wednesdays they apparently have five dollar movies! Which is obviously a steal nowadays. I talk like I'm sooo old, but I mean come on, I have def seen movies more than double in price in my two decades of movie-going. It is also super special because they do it in the theater that has tables and reclining chairs to be comfy in. AND you get to order snacks and food from your seat! We saw "Easy A". It was pretty funny:) Here are a few pictures:

Pretty cute, right? It was super special and I didn't take a picture of the food because well the movie was happening when we got it and I wasn't ABOUT TO BE that girl using her flash in the movie.
Let's see what else. Oh, we spent a weekend with Chance's best friend, Troy. He is a HOOT. He loves to karaoke and he loves to flirt with older women. It is pretty cute. He is also an avid disc golf...excuse me "frolf" (copyright Tim Riley) player. It is basically golf, but you play with little frisbees. Chance gets pretty offended when I call them frisbees. "They are DISCS," he says. Well, they look like frisbees dangit. So we played frolf in Ottowa,KS. I thought I did pretty well for a first-timer, but the Daeschners are pretty athletically inclined so I'm not surprised. SIKE! Daeschners are DEFINITELY not inclined that way, but I think I held my own and Chance seemed to not be horribly embarrassed. Here is Chance and Troy. This picture pretty much shows Troy's personality.

Last event. Air show and dog park. Wichita has a few air shows now and then and we seemed to both be interested in watching so we drove down south to watch the blue angels and take Harley to the near-by dog park to get her first social experience with other dogs. I have always liked watching the planes because at my old house my dad and I would always sit out on the porch and watch the blue angels practice over our house because it was much more south than where we live now. Is that grammatical "much more south"...I don't know. Here are a few pictures of the planes. I won't bore you with a bunch of far away shots, but this shows a couple cool things they did that you can tell without necessarily being there to experience the awesomeness.
And yes they did draw a heart in the sky just for Chance and me.

Oh I have to put this up because it's kind of funny. When we took Harley to the dog park I had the sunroof open and Chance kindly stuck her up out of it to uh...get some air:) She thought it was pretty awesome and her ears were way up in the wind I had to get a picture. So I safely took a picture while Chance held her up so you could all experience the funny-ness as well!

Not that everyone is so thrilled with Harley updates, but she DID love the dog park and was a total hit with all the other dogs AND the people all thought she was awesome! We were laughing because instead of running around with all the dogs there, she basically just ran around to all the different owners to get attention.

I will leave you with this fortune. I got this when I went out to eat with my dad the other day and took a picture ...ya know, hoping that maybe it's true!