Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From corn fields to vineyards

Well it is Wednesday night and Chance and I are struggling to stay awake. We are still recovering from a long.....did you hear me?...LONG weekend. But may I say very over-dramatically.....FUN weekend. I will try to sum up our weekend without TOO many details but there are just so many good things happening in little ole Ellinwood that I may just expound and you're gonna have to either deal with it or skim over them! I heart Ellinwood. Let's begin there. I have always liked the idea of a small town but going there with Chance and hanging with his family has made it entirely harder each time to come back to Wichita. Enough about me wanting to live out in the middle of nowhere because (A) it scares me that I like it so much and (B) I want to get to the all the events of the weekend.
We took a lot of pictures and tried to get some good ones of the land and all the activities, but we didn't want to put up a long blog full of pictures so we made a little slideshow of the pictures. I figured I could fill you in on the events and then you could see the pictures all at once (less scrolling involved and less cutting and pasting for me).
Chance and I drove up on Friday, hung out with family, and ate amazing food (as usual!) at dad’s restaurant. We then went and hung out with some of Chance’s high school friends (characters to say the least). Saturday was spent watching the little small town parade and sitting with grandpa and grandma while Chance rode in the truck for the “Kans 4 Kids” promotion. Ps as I usually mention, talking and spending time with grandpa and grandma is in the top two of my favorite things about Ellinwood:)
The rest of Saturday was spent following all his friends around town and jumping from pools to beer gardens to bbq….it was a blast and good quality time with crazy friends and fun family. I was so glad that Chance’s sister, Tara, was able to come as well, she’s a blast. Saturday night was the “big dance” with an amazing band that plays a lot of classic rock mixed with a little more contemporary music as well. It was so much fun and let’s just say we got so crazy that Chance cut his hand open from playing the tambourine with such a grip of death all night. Yes…I DID just say he was wounded from his tambourine playing. My boyfriend is SO hardcore;) Sunday we ate with the family, went to the annual softball game, and relaxed with friends until it was time to come home.
There were many stories throughout the weekend but not enough blog space to fit all the happenings! It was, in short, an amazing trip…and I’m counting down til the next AHF (After Harvest Fest)….or really…til the next Ellinwood trip in general! Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions or if I left anything out that you see in the pictures, just comment and I’ll reply as needed!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Popcorn, pedis, and one patient boyfriend

Well it's the weekend. Which means what Chance and I really want to do is ....well, NOTHING but sit around. Unfortunately, the secular world tells us we are in our early twenties, so we should be out and about on any night that we don't have work in the morning. We usually screw the stereotype and sit around watching TV all weekend on his comfortable couch, but this weekend we decided to socialize a little. My best friend Erin, who got married last June, is 5 months pregnant, and her and her husband Andrew don't feel like "going out" that much anymore either. So we relate pretty well:) Chance and I decided to double date it up and go see "Despicable Me" on opening night last night.
Click this picture to watch the trailer:
(Did Chance get super techy and make it super easy for you to watch the trailer by just clicking a picture? YUP)

O-M-G...if you are between the ages of 9 and 99...go see this movie. Steve Carell from the Office is the main villain's voice and it is a HOOT. So Chance, Andrew, Erin, and I drug ourselves out of our comas and went to the movie.

Chance was super sweet (as usual) and made the movie experience (or what Dane Cook calls a "cinematic adventure") perfect with what makes any Daeschner girl satisfied...treats. We got popcorn, raisinetes, and diet dr pepper:)

Not sure if he wanted all those treats too, or if he was just hoping for a "super sweet boyfriend who gets treats and takes me out on movie nights" kiss...but either way...he got one:)

Being social and not feeling like a super lame couple who wants to stay in all weekend...check.
Attempting to go downtown after the movie at midnight but getting distracted by the couch again...check.
Today I was hoping to sleep in. And of course, this was the weekend I had to lead the supervision meeting at the office at 9 am this morning. Boo that. Well I made it in time (with some credit to Chance calling me to make sure I was up, what a guy) and when I got out, Chance informed me that his best friend from home, Blythe, and her mom, were in town to do some shopping. I love Blythe. She is super fun and we get along like two peas in a bar....I mean pod. We pretty much clicked instantly and I'm pretty sure Chance thinks I'm with him to hang out with her. Not true, obviously...but Blythe enjoys rubbing it in:)
Now here is where your judgment is going to begin. Blythe wanted to go get pedicures with all of us, and I had been telling Chance that at some point I wanted him to try a "sport pedicure" for men. HAHA. I know, I know, I'm evil, right? Well hear me out, my theory is that most men enjoy being pampered just as much as women do so I told Chance that he should just try it once and see how he felt. Plus ...if he likes them, maybe pedicures will be a more frequent occurrence for me...both of us.
So Chance agreed, and Blythe, Chance, and I all sat in our massage chairs and began the pedicure process that I so much adore.
Here is Chance's "pre-pedicure" pep talk.

How adorable is he?
So he sat with all the ladies and read his "Cycle World" magazine to help him feel manly,

got his cuticles snipped,

got his legs and feet rubbed down,

and ended up with prett...I mean HANDSOME feet as a result:)

He was pretty proud that he made it through the painful cuticle chopping and the scrubber that gets the bottom of your feet, because both of us are pretty ticklish, but he was a trooper. I informed him that pain was beauty. Here is his "after pedicure" review:

So I guess he enjoyed himself, and all the ladies enjoyed poking fun and asking him what color he was going to choose...thanks for being so laid back and fun,'re my favorite.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is it gay that I like blogging?

So, it's finally time for the man to do some of the talking. That's right. I, Chance Haddon, will be taking my first crack at this whole blog thing. Usually Katie does the writing, but she suggested I blog a quick entry to make my presence known. In doing so, I feel as though it would be pertinent to our story if I let you in on a few of the things that have currently made our "likes and dislikes" list. Katie and I have noticed that these lists are kind of a blog fad right now, so hopefully this will help us fit in around here. Over these last several months that I have come to know Katie, I have been able to compile quite the list.

Katie's Likes:
-Naps (and these aren't your 20-30 minute cat naps)

-Surprises (particularly pedicures)

-Unbearably loud TV volume setting (she claims to have a "hearing problem" but I think it's when she's had more than one glass of wine)

-Critiquing lapses in her boyfriend's less than perfect grammar
-Sonic slushes and neat wine bottles
-Modern furniture
-Allowing stray animals into my apartment while I'm not there

Katie's Dislikes: ...this might take awhile ;)
-Waking Up From Naps

-Conversing after waking up from naps
-Loud noises after waking up from na........ pretty much anything after waking up from naps.
-When I chomp my ice
-Gum popping
-Tapping of any kind
-My inability to find exits to parking lots

*These are just a few of the things that have recently made their way onto her lists. I'm sure there are many more present now and many more to come.*
She also tells me she likes me a lot....and I love that I'm on that list... I hear it's hard to make the cut;)

I was going to have her write some of my likes and dislikes, but she's looking pretty tired and I'm not sure I will get any writing out of her tonight. So basically I need to post this before she tried to nix any of parts of the lists:) And in short, my likes are, well, pretty much just Katie since the day we met and my dislikes are the old men at Quik Trip who whistle and holler at her.

Well here goes nothin...I'm sure you will be hearing more from me and about me in posts to come. Goodnight.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sushi Spoilage

This week we have both been pretty sluggish. We had a long weekend in Ellinwood and have since been trying to figure out how to get a good night's sleep.And by "trying to figure out"...I mean we are still in the stage where we want to spend every second together so when midnight rolls around, we sit on the couch and figure out who's gonna be the one to make the push for me to go home. Usually he picks me up from home so he has to leave too, and if those nights weren't struggles enough, the nights where I have to drive myself home are even worse. So we both keep trying to figure out how to make it easier to get home at a decent hour. We started out with a one oclock curfew that we set for ourselves, and then it became 12:30, then midnight...and well we usually get out the door by midnight but not always. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it through the "I like you and don't want to leave----I like you more and don't want you to leave either" stage, please help a girl out. Cuz we are both so tired all the time!
Tonight we both had long work days and usually on days where I am moody or he is worn out or we both just need comfort....we get the one thing that satisfies and comforts both of us...SUSHI. We love sushi. Chance is a farm boy who never ate anything that wasn't living at one point and I introduced him to sushi and now he asks for it more than I do:) So we ran and got sushi to go near his house. We love ordering to go. It is probably in the top three of my favorite things to do with Chance list. Ordering food to go from fun restaurants and taking it to the comfort of his apartment.

Our favorite sushi is from a small little place in Old Town called Hana Cafe, and it has these amazing rolls with baked scallops on top...oh is so good that we save it for only the days where we REALLY need spoiling. Today we just stuck with some rolls from a local place since it was close to his apartment. We only needed a little comfort:) The other comfort that usually settles our frustrations or headaches is Diet Dr Pepper. This was another thing that we both loved before we met. Our love for it has only blossomed. At any given point, we usually have at least two twelve packs ready...ya know, just in case we have another Y2K type of scare and we are in need. Speaking of which...I can't believe I was a part of history at that time. Are my kids gonna ask me about how I had to buy a bunch of canned food and bottled water because all the computers were gonna implode at the stroke of midnight in 2000? Yikes. Anyway...we love diet DP.

So we sat down with out diet DPs and sushi plates and put in our next comfort. (we had a lot of comforts goin on tonight)....The Office DVD.

The Office is always there when we both just want to laugh together. I love that we laugh at the same solidifies that we at least find the same things humorous. His favorite character is Kevin because he thinks he is so funny to watch respond to things, and my favorite is Jim, because I think he is so sarcastic and witty and I love how he plays off the camera. But in general we both love watching it. So our night was relaxing. It makes me think how lucky we are. No kids, no school work....just jobs we have to get up for in the morning, but other than that...we could do just about anything we wanted to tonight. We could run off to Kansas City, we could go see a movie, we could go out for a nice dinner. And no matter how much I love doing sporadic special things, I would never trade the nights I have with Chance just sitting on the couch (the one I got for a hell of a deal by the way...stay tuned for future posts on my bargaining skills), attempting to teach Chance how to use chopsticks, and drinking some of his diet dp because I didn't portion mine out well...for anything. I'm trying to cherish these times where we don't have many responsibilities as a couple, because if my mom taught me anything over and was that this is the time I can never get back in life. Once I commit to everything else, I can't go back to these sushi nights very I'm laughing, sippin, and dippin my way to relaxation tonight.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks...KS style

Well we went home for the fourth of July. Home to Ellinwood that is. Chance would like me to add that they affectionately call it Ellin-HOOD. Oh ya...I caved and told Chance about the blog. I kept it secret for almost 3 hours! He was super happy and said he's always wanted to blog about something, but I mean, how do you blog about computers. Come on. Ok so some of the blogs he will be sitting in on. He is totally pumped to take videos as often as we can and post them for viewing pleasure. Here is our first ever Vlog...yup, I said vlog. I think that's what kids are calling that these days. Right? This was a video we took when we got to Newton to visit his cousins. It's pretty short, just Chance lighting a couple fireworks and avoiding disaster. So Bon appetite.

So the big event of the weekend was me getting to experience the combine. Well let me tell you something exciting. I did not just ride in a combine, I drove it. And by drive I mean I accelerated with this stick thing and used the big steering wheel like a bus driver. It was pretty much awesome and I pretty much know how to farm now. I am totally a pro. I'm also pretty confident I could drive that thing in heels. Here is me riding (notice me cheesing because I was so pumped) and then a couple Chance took while I was driving.

His dad said I should go ahead and put in my application for next harvest. Oh, also...I saw the hugest toad I've ever seen. I just had to ask Chance if it was a frog or a toad cuz I have no idea what the difference is. So anyway...I was going to attempt to pretend to give it a little kiss (ya get my prince) but the fro...toad was not cooperating. It was HUGE...LOOK!

This little guy was outside of the Legion. The Legion is this super trashy bar that all the local old men go and talk politics and farming with eachother...ok maybe they just sit around and drink and talk about their wives. Either way, it is super fun and we stopped in to see Chance's dad and a couple of his friends. They were a hoot. His dad's friend "Joe Joe" was REAL friendly. Haha. He read my tshirt in great detail. Harmless I'm sure;) Anyway...super fun and oh my goodness how I am beginning to love small town-ness. Probably too much in fact. I'm almost to the point where one of these times I'm just not going to come back to Wichita. I could TOTALLY farm.....well maybe. Chance thinks I might just make a better farmer than him. I don't really believe that though. He has it in his blood. The closest my family comes to farming or sweating as a job is my dad owning a riding lawn mower.

Well we went and got WAY too many fireworks. Chance's dad informed me that it was a small amount compared to past years. Something else you need to know about Chance is that he is a spoiled brat. He pretty much gets whatever he wants. Always. It's obnoxious. He went around and threw in fireworks and we boxed em up and took them home to blow up. Also did I mention I think I like trucks? I think I might like to have one. But it took like three tries for me to get up into the drivers seat so maybe I couldn't handle it. We spent the afternoon of the fourth blowing up tanks and having wars over who could make the most things blow up. It was super fun and super hot. But although I HATE sweating so much, I seem to not be aware of how disgusting I am out there in no where ville. I am constantly drenched but we just don't seem to be too concerned over it. "Drenched in sweat and fireworks dust kiss."

We also got to ride his parents Harley. It is a trike, and for those of you who aren't informed in the biker world, that means a motorcycle with two wheels in the back and one in the front. It is so fun and I think I want to trade mine in for one. It is so much easier! Here is an older pic of us riding it (notice my super bikerish bandanna around my is his dads...I am also wearing his mom's leather jacket and fingerless gloves).

We are so hardcore;)
Well we will leave you with a video from the fireworks we were next to at his cousins house. We shot off our own but the mexican neighbors had over 6000 dollars worth of explosives so we kinda just watched theirs the whole night. I'm surprised we survived to be honest. There were about a dozen mexicans all lighting big fireworks on the count of three the whole night. This video is only about a minute, but it went on just like this for more than a few hours. It was RI-DICULOUS.

Taking a "Chance"

Why yes I did just use his name as a pun.It's hard not to.
Well finally I'm at current time. I THINK I've caught you up. We were kind of "dating"...which means we were talking every single day and hanging out every time we can...and one night a few weeks ago Chance broke down. He told me he knows that other guys text me and he knows that I am not committed to him yet but that he wants me to be his official "girlfriend." *Sigh* It's been awhile since I've had a boyfriend. I've dated...but ya know...I haven't really "gone steady" with anyone for about two years. Ps "going steady" is what my dad says and I love it haha. Sooooo I'm with Chance now. Which means no other boys and no more flirting. Ya I just said that. But come know it goes through your head. And I am a loyal that meant cutting off a lot of my guy friends. Chance knows that I have mostly guy friends anyway, so he did not ban me from seeing anyone, he just wanted me all to himself at the end of the day. And after the last few months...I decided he deserved to have that commitment from me. Whew. Didn't feel as heavy as I had thought it would. It's actually kinda nice!
Also...did I mention that he loves to surprise me???...Oh man does he ever. He surprises me with Sonic slushes, sushi (our FAVE meal), and my favorite surprise...pedicures. I LOVE PEDICURES. And he loves getting them for me. So I mean, we go pretty great together:)One time I was having a super hard day so he went to build a bear and made me an owl named "Chase" (haha) and said he hoped it made me feel better. Are you feeling sick over his sweetness yet? Here is us at his sister's 21st birthday last weekend. Yes he is drinking a fruity drink complete with everything but the umbrella. And I kept it classy with a 32 oz beer. Go ahead and comment....

I also passed down the crown that I wore on MY 21st birthday :"I'm 21, Buy me a drink". It worked for me anyway! It was either that or my low cut dress I'm not sure. Anyway, here is her in the hat. We also got her 21 gifts! She was loving it. Chance and I are both super creative at gifts so we are pretty dangerous when we are working on the same gift.

He used to dress kinda "gangster". Well (insert snide laughter)...what a computer nerd thought was pretty gangster:) Which equals baggy clothes and hats. I have since showed him the wonders of Express and how to wear clothes that fit! Heres a before and after:

I definitely still let him "express his personality" through graphic t shirts and checkered shorts. But look at how good he looks! He loves shopping now. He will call me or send me a picture on his phone and be like "Do you like this on me? I want to buy it!" He is super cute that way.
So now I'm caught up. I don't think I've left out many details that would be drastically important to our relationship. I have talked him into taking videos on my new phone that is super new and cool haha. Actually, I don't think I mentioned that I dropped my phone down an elevator shaft at her birthday in Manhattan did I...yup...right down that little gap in the floor on your way into an elevator. So for future reference...hold on to things until the doors shut.
But anyway, he thinks I just want to take videos for the fun of it on my new phone that I got to replace my old one so hopefully I can figure out how to get them onto this blog...without my super techy boyfriend's help. Dangit! haha. Ps did I just to refer to him as my boyfriend?...weird. I'm still getting used to this.

A little about "Chase"

Ok so I don't call him Chase anymore, but I did for a few months...I didn't think it would stick but then he never answered to anything BUT Chase when I tried to call him Chance. Now I call him his actual name, don't worry:)
Chance Alan Haddon is 22, and now a graduate of K-State (Salina campus). His degree is something with computers. Ya I don't know what it really is but it's definitely something techy. PS I love that he is smart. How sexy is intelligence!? He has had a 4.0 his whole life and is as sweet as honey. (Sorry while I brag on him for a minute). Here are a few pics from his graduation in May.

This is Chance's family. Mom, dad, sister (she JUST turned 21 last weekend), and grandparents. How cute are those grandparents!?!?! I could just talk to them all day. They have been married over 50 years and Grandpa claims he's "not quite sure if it's gonna work yet." Chance's family owns a million acres of land out in Ellinwood KS. Ok, not a million, but a lot:) Grandpa is in the oil business and the parents have taken it over along with farming the land. They have some cows, some crops, and own land that the government pays them to not do anything with. They also have a few oil wells that they manage.
Let me just tell you what...this family is amazing. Parents ROCK and I get along with his sister SO WELL. I've never had a younger sister but I feel kinda like she is a sister to me. I hope she feels the same. Dad was SO proud that his only son graduated college with a 4.0 and shed a few tears during the ceremony:( Grandpa and Grandma were also thrilled.
Well I told Chance we should break whatever it was we had going off because he was wanting to move to Wichita and I was scared he was just doing it for me. Well that of course did not sit well with him! He demanded that I not think that way. I prayed a lot about it and took some time to evaluate what we had. I liked him a lot, but I wanted more from him. I wanted spiritual growth and I wanted him to want it for himself, not just because I wanted him to have it. I wanted Jesus to be a huge part of his heart. I wanted to be his second desire, not his first.
Well he moved to Wichita. Big shocker right? He got an apt about 5 min away from my house and scored a super sweet job as the technician for all the computers in all the YMCAs of all of Wichita! Man he is so smart. I love smart.
Don't think we are pathetic...but one time I started naming our kisses. Like..."Grocery store kiss"....or "Stop light kiss." Usually it is to release stress in certain situations. So usually our kisses end up being things like "Longest wait in this line ever kiss" or "We just put this whole chair together wrong and wasted 30 minutes kiss". So here is our "I just graduated college and never have to go back to salina kiss"

He got a job and well ya...we kept hanging out. He's pretty good at keeping me around.

I met a boy...

I really don't want to have one of those blogs that is a huge long story that no one can make it through without dozing off so although I enjoy story-telling and details, I will do what I can to spare you...I mean, unless it's a really GOOD story.

I'm gonna skip the part where you learn all about how I'm the surprise third born of three girls and all those types of details you can figure out along the way...because I want to begin where I meet a boy. (That's the juicy stuff anyway ...right?)

I'm also going to skip all the parts of my life where I dated different kinds of guys and why this one is so great compared to them...because...well, that's boring too...and kind of embarrassing most of the time. that we are clear: I met a boy. His name is Chance. Chance Haddon. Kind of sounds like one of those names you would see on a big truck with the big graffitied letters "CHANCE" on it somewhere right?...well...He's SO not that guy.He is so frikin sweet he makes you want to vomit. Look at him!....

he just looks like someone you could walk all over and would go get you a cherry limeade at the mention of a desire for it or run to dillons for those ding dong cupcakes with the cream in the middle cuz that sounds kinda good....but...don't worry...that's definitely NOT how we work. ;)

I have this friend David who works with me downtown and I actually don't know him very well but I get along famously with his one night David called me to come over to his apartment and hang out with some of his friends from out of town. Ugh. I had sweat shorts and a hoodie on with no make up and my hair up what I like to call a "hot mess." I did not want to go, but I guess I thought it would be fun to stop in for awhile. Well I met them all and didn't pay much attention to any of them. All I know is that I thought his name was "Chase" and after he corrected me I informed him that I would still be calling him Chase and that he could get used to it for tonight. I'm so sweet:) Well we got talking and turns out he thought it would be cool to drop the fact that he had a Ninja motorcycle. Well mister...I have a Ninja too! That was pretty much all it took to win his attention haha. Here are our bikes together:

Well we played a game of beer pong together and pretty much won like champs. For those of you who don't know what "beer pong" is...just don't even try to imagine how beer and the game of ping pong go together. I went home after about an hour and that was the end of it. Well so I thought.
A couple weeks later I took off with David and a few people to Manhattan for what they call "Fake Pattys Day". Which means a day long celebration of drinking green beer. And also....nope....thats all that happens. It's a blasty blast. Well Lynn (Davids gf) started texting everyone she knew who was gonna be there and YUP ...Chance was one of them. I didn't remember him really except for the fact that he had a bike and oh ya I thought his name was Chase. Lynn told him and some other people to meet up with us. Here is Matt(David's roommate)and me and then David and his gf. Notice all the green for the event.

We walked around all day and some how just stuck together. Mostly he babysat me while I lost track of all my belongings throughout the day. Including my cell phone which somehow ended up at the police station in Manhattan. Classy. We took this picture during the end of the afternoon so please don't judge my attempt at looking put together.

Well we dropped him off at his car and he never asked for my number or said anything really besides goodbye and it was a blast with me. I kinda figured we just pretend dated for a day, which was fine, he was nice.
I got a text from Lynn the next day saying Chance had text her and freaked out that he never got my text and that he was a moron. HAHA. Typical. Well I said she could give him mine and he immediately began texting me.
That's kinda how this whole thing got started. Not sure how I got roped into it, but I kinda like him. :)