Thursday, September 29, 2011

I tried something...

....and I am not sure how I feel about it. It MIGHT be that I am so proud of it because of all the work I put into it and I am blinded by my efforts:) It's like those kids that spend the whole day on a picture or craft and then want it on display. This is my grown up version of that. I have been seeing all these fun wreaths on Pinterest and I decided that even though we just have an apartment, it would be cool if I made my own crafty wreath! I went out looking for the supplies to make a super cool Halloween wreath but it turns out that it was going to be really expensive to make! I was looking for the "make your own wreath for $5" thing. So I had already bought the base wreath that I was going to wrap with something, but as I was wandering around Target, I happened upon something and my wheels started turning. I ditched the Pinterest idea and went with my own thing...dangerous. I bought this wreath for $5 that was all branches and real "fall-ish" I thought maybe I could just use that as a base and hang it for all of fall and not just til Halloween. So I happened upon these:
They are supposed to be for a vase or centerpiece (see the picture on the box?) But I got this wild idea that I could wire them to my wreath. They were $7 so I got them:) Chance sat up the other night playing video games next to me on the couch while I started in on my own little DIY project. I didn't let myself get down...and I kept telling myself it was looking good haha. So after a lot of wiring and taking out and re-wiring I ended up with this:
I need help here! I kinda trusted Chance to tell me his real thoughts and he really liked it....but I mean, he knew I put a lot of work into it so I think he was sort of playing the parent here and telling me good job:) Do I need to take this off my door??? Here is a close up of the bottom. Notice how you can't see any wire! YAY! And let me tell you wiring things that aren't meant to be wired....kinda difficult. Especially when they are circular. Also these pictures make the colors look reallllly bright but they are wayy more muted and fallish. So don't think I put up super pink and purple colors on my door haha.
So this is hanging on my door until someone tells me if I am crazy or not. Pinterest is turning me into someone scary.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes we are that couple....

...that celebrates their one month anniversary! Ok so it's not like we are going to celebrate EVERY month we are married (I mean, unless he WANTS to.....), and I wasn't even planning on celebrating ONE, but Chance surprised me! He was ALWAYS good at surprises...and I love him for that. He hasn't always been great at hiding that a surprise is coming, but I never know what it is. This time he mastered both! My stomach hurt so bad yesterday so after work I jipped boxing to lay on the couch. I told him I wouldn't be mad if he went without me, and he said he was going. I was actually kinda sad because I wanted to be coddled (lol), but I was ok as long as Harley kept me company. Harley always whines when she sees our cars pull in the parking lot and way before he should have been home Harley was whining. I was like Harleyyyyy its not daddy! I thought she was all of a sudden retarded. Boxing never gets done early! But in walked Chance all proud of himself with a big fresh fruit bouquet!!! I was so frikin happy! He is getting so good at lying! I'm so proud... :) haha. So I don't know if you all have had these fresh fruit bouquets but OMG get one. I've been telling Chance about them since we like met. They are delicious and the chocolate dipped parts are the best!
If you can't see real well there are chocolate dipped apple slices, chocolate dipped strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. YUM.
After about 10 minutes half of it was gone, so I'm glad I got a picture before we started in:) It helped my tummy too! We tried to get a picture of us as our "one month picture" but I was hurting and a mess and he was all stressed out from his little adventure, but I will post it anyway because I want to document our one month. I love this man. Chance Haddon, thank you for being the perfect man for me and knowing what makes me feel loved and special. Jesus gave me an amazing person to spend my life with. I love you. And I mean, if you WANT to make fruit bouquets an every month tradition thats totally fine....just sayin.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

PBR don't know what PBR is? I'm sorry....only us country folk know I guess;)....Ok just kidding, I had no idea! Professional Bull Riding. YUP. Yeeeehawww! I was looking through some online stuff going on at our downtown arena and I found out that they were having the PBR competition here in Wichita this weekend! DATE TIME!!! We have just fallen in love with a couple from our Bible study from church. They are sooo nice but also fun and easy to talk to! Alanea and Jeff are so sweet and love the Lord and are just so encouraging to be around. You know how usually the couples who know all the verses by heart and all the right things to say are usually stuck up and no fun? They are so not that! Alanea and Jeff and so great. So since we had never spent time with them outside of church or Bible study we decided this would be a perfect time to have a "first date" with them! It was a BLAST! We went out to eat, had a few beers, buttoned up our plaid shirts and pulled on our boots and joined the other cowboys and cowgirls at the PBR event at the arena. Look how cute these two are! Oh also they are both SUPER tall and make me feel so short! We had a great time and wow what a dangerous sport! I had no idea how crazy big those bulls were going to be! How cute are they?
Here is Alanea and me with a cowboy and one of the big horses outside the stadium. She is like a head taller than me! Talk about model body sheesh!
Bein country girls:)
The clowns were so entertaining and one of them in particular did a lot of funny dancing:) I tried to get some good pics of the riding, but they only stay on like 8 seconds so I wanted to watch most of the time! It was so intense! It is scary to see them fly off and then almost get trampled by those things! YIKES! Oh and there was a cowboy on a horse that would have to rope the bulls sometimes if they didn't go back into the gate properly. It was pretty neat to see the horse working sooo hard to get that bull in the right direction! Some of them were stubborn. Also they lit the letters PBR on fire at the beginning! That was pretty cool. These pictures seem to be posting pretty small. I'm still figuring out the "new" blogger:) Hopefully you can see them bigger if you click on them. Oops if not! :(
We had a good ole fashioned country night and had an amazing time with friends. I wore plaid (only plaid shirt I own haha) and some boots for the occasion and drank a few beers too....good double date night!

Bachelorette Party!

Soooo I kinda threw my own Bachelorette party because well....I love planning parties and Erin said I could just plan it and then put her name on the invite:) So don't judge me for planning my own stinkin party. I promise it's what I love! Anyway, I don't have like ANY pictures of me and the girls! I know a couple girls took pics of us so I will try to get some to add but UGH we were all drinking so early on that pictures were really the last thing on our minds:) Here are a few snapshots I took before everyone came, it was so fun! There was about a dozen girls there and we ate snack foods and my mom's amazing guacamole while we drank some fun drinks and then did ENTIRELY too many jello shots ( I think I made too many!) as each guest arrived through the door and randomly throughout the party as well. It was a hoot! So we did gifts and then went downtown for more merriment and guess who took us? Chance and a couple of the other girls' boyfriends haha. I didn't ride with Chance because I told him he couldn't talk to me on my bachelorette party because he got a whole weekend for his! So we bar hopped and then all ended the night at the apartment. Good times!
Oh yeah! I also picked out the invites and wrote a little rhyme on them .... I feel like I am giving myself a lot of credit for these small decisions haha...but I had so much fun picking my own stuff! Should I be admitting this? Here's the invite...I hope you can read it on this was just off my phone.
So the party was a blast and it was so nice to spend some quality time with the girls! I think that's all I have left from before the wedding.....gonna try to keep up on this now! Gotta be that good housewife type;)

Project wedding: Catch up

So obviously the wedding date has passed....but here is a quick wrap up of the projects we did that I didn't have time to get blogs up for.... We got invites addressed, labeled, licked, stamped, and shipped! I was so excited! It's like Christmas every day when you get RSVPs! No one told me how fun that would be! Instead of writing out all the addresses, my dad helped us set up the computer to print the labels directly on to the envelope! But of course nothing is easy with Dick Daeschner and computers. So that took a little experimenting and then we finally got it set! 180 some invites later.....we were done! Here is Chance praying over the printer because it was not placing them right and ink was everywhere....and then finally it worked! YAY!
Here is our system of letting the ink dry and getting them organized. It was a long day for sure...we also did the rehearsal dinner invites! DONE AND DONE!
Then mom had an AMAZING dinner for us waiting right as soon as we were done with the printing process. Steak, baked potato, salad, fruit, and a few beers to ease the tense wedding stress:) THANKS MOM!!! SO YUMMY!
Chance and I had a movie afternoon while I placed all the stamps, because of course I wanted them all placed perfectly like my dad always taught me and Chance was not wanting to take the risk of messing that system up. So he took on using the sticky roller to seal all the stamps. Way better than licking them all! It was super fun and went fast with two of us! Half way through our movie we were done!! And here is our latest assortment of Donut Whole donuts. This picture is for you Susan and Laura! There is rocky road, chocolate sandcastle, vanilla applesauce, chocolate mint, rice krispies, and maple. Of course Chance chose the risky sounding ones:)
Ok here is a quick pic of my skills of matching our yard signs for the rehearsal dinner bbq to the font on the invites for it. Maybe I'm going overboard:) And then a pic of the day I got my practice hair done. Obviously my hair was texas big and more curls on the day, but just for documenting sake!
And almost lastly on the pre-wedding catch up is the project I have been planning on since I got engaged haha. Remember the old post with the cupcake holder idea? I got a bunch of frames from Goodwill, spray painted them, cleaned the glass, bought fabric to put behind the glass, and got epoxy glue to hold the frames to a random assortment of candleholders. I was really hoping it wouldn't be TOO hard of a project but turns out it was a little:) It was really fun and super exciting to see my ideas come to life. My college roommate, Amanda, and my sis Susan helped with the project too! I was SO glad I had them around during this!! Matt (bro in law) even did all the gluing! I was so thankful! It turned out perfect for my cupcake display! Obviously these pictures suck, but when I get the professional ones back, I'll post them. You can kinda see the before and after in these pictures.
Remember the other older project wedding post about the S'mores kits? Well I actually accomplished this for my wedding favors! It took a lot of bagging and cutting and patience, along with telling Chance how he was folding the boxes wrong....but we did it! Here is the end product:
Well I think that's about all I can find on my phone pictures to catch the blog up with. The wedding went amazing and I can't wait to see pictures! I'll definitely post when they come in...obvious:) I definitely couldn't have done ANY of it without my family, friends, and my NEW family! There was just too much craziness going on for me to get pictures of the rehearsal dinner, but I think my sisters have a few so I will see if I can get those. Now on to married life!