Friday, July 1, 2011

Does this mean I can't change my mind???

So my dad always told me that I can change my mind right up to even when I am walking down the aisle. He said I can say no ANYTIME but after the "I dos". But invites just seem so formal. So .... legit. I have LOVED designing my wedding invites and my rehearsal dinner invites and I am excited that it is really time to send them out!!! It is just scary thinking about them all going out. It makes it feel real to me. Like....all these people are going to show up that day. And....expect me to get married and stuff! AH! It seems so easy to GET invites. But sending them out? Kinda freaks me out a bit. I haven't stressed much over this wedding. I love planning. But this just gets me a littttttle tiny bit stressed. Like all of the things happening on that day are dependent on me! YIKES! The great thing is that I L O V E Chance Haddon. And I am going to marry him on August 27th, 2011 at 6 pm. So at least I am not freaked out that I have the wrong groom! :)
Here is me excited when our wedding invites came in after much designing and tweeking:

And here are a couple pictures of our rehearsal dinner invites! I love them!

Oh ya, and we applied for our passports the other day! I kind of embarrassed Chance because I made him take a picture while he was getting all his information approved haha! Welcome to life with Katie:) So I'm SOOO excited about our honeymoon! Let's pray that 1. We get our passports in time and 2. We get our birth certificates back in the mail in time to apply for our marriage license. That's not THAT big of a deal......right????? ;)

This is kind of a short post and isn't too crazy important, but I wanted to throw these little random things in there to remember along the way....I love all this wedding stuff! Details details!!

Go ahead and TRY

Ok so before I give you the story on the wedding....look at my ugly dog. UGH! Harley has always been the cutest little puppy you ever saw. I cuddle with her and love her and play with her and treat her like a child. I hate getting her trimmed because I love her fluffiness! So usually I don't love her for like a week after I get her trimmed....Chance says I don't have unconditional love or something like that;)'s summer now and Harley gets so hot with all her fluff, and with long hair she gets matted really easily if she isn't brushed constantly, which of course I don't brush her every she got so matted up that I told the groomer to just shave her! I AM CRAZY! The poor thing looks like a mix between a rat and a small greyhound. I am REALLY hoping she grows her hair out soon because I can't even snuggle with her! So I debated even putting these up, because I hate her right now, but I need to document it so Chance will know I still love her.
After a few months of having Harley:

And even fluffier:

And now here is Harley......

poor girl....

Ok so that was that. You won't believe what happened with a wedding package! The shortest I can make it is that you all know I have bought pretty much everything for my wedding on Etsy. So we are doing a lot of online buying and shipping. We always ship it to my house, just because it is easier than getting it at Chance's apartment. Well we use PayPal on Etsy, but get this....Chance's old address (in Salina, KS...where he attended college) is always marked as the default address. Why we haven't changed that yet...I don't know. Well I always just change it to ship to my house, but we had been doing a lot of buying online pretty late at night...and we somehow didn't change the address of shipping when we bought our garlands. Ya.

I got these gorgeous garlands designed by an Etsy lady who let me pick all the colors and patterns and then she cut paper circles and sewed them all together to decorate my reception with. She sent me a tracking number on the package and yesterday I was sitting at work and thought, oh..I'll check on my garlands. Yup...they had been delivered the day BEFORE to Salina, KS. Drat. I called the apartment office that he used to live at and the lady was soooo not helpful and told me I should just contact the postal service. I'm like...ya...cuz that's gonna get me my garlands soon. I asked VERY nicely if she could contact the residents of his old apartment and just see if they had received it or thrown it out or what. She said uh yaaaa sure. And then tried to get off the phone. I said, Ummm would you like my contact information to get back to me on that? Oh ya...sure. SOOOO Katie got a little angry and realized it was time to solve this little mystery myself.

Chance got off work and I said, go change...we are driving to Salina. I explained what happened and we jumped in the car and drove 1.5 hours to Salina KS. Which was weird because neither of us have been back to Salina since he lived there a year ago. We got to the apartment and I went to his old door and knocked. A young single mom about my age answered the door barely through the crack and I explained to her what happened. She told me she HAD gotten a weird package yesterday and she still had it in her mailbox! AHHHHH! I was screaming inside. She nicely walked me to the mailboxes and we got the package! GOOD AS NEW! I thanked her A LOT and told her I was sooo thankful she hadn't thrown it out. All my garlands were safe and sound. Here are a couple pics of our confused slash so happy to have the package at his old apartments. And of course a kiss for happiness!

So that was yesterday. We went to Red Lobster to celebrate...because well...if you're in Salina....that's the fancy place to go;) I gave him a straw ring and asked him to still marry me in Red Lobster. He said "Are you really doing this in Red Lobster?" I was like "What....isn't this the fancy place you go to get engaged???"

We had a good time...since no one had to get confronted by me and we got our package. All ended well. I told Chance NO ONE can mess with my wedding. Just TRY and ship my stuff to other places. Next challenge please!