Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daeschner girls = all off the market

Okay so it is basically and humanly impossible for me to play catch up with our blog at this point...there has been SO much going on. Chance even had a huge baptism months ago that was so special and important and I didn't blog it! So, in the last however long, we have been busy. Chance got a job at Koch Industries here in Wichita and I am now managing Orange leaf. He does the big important stuff like security for computers and special techy stuff that I know nothing about and I manage high schoolers and run a self serve frozen yogurt place! Ha! A little less important but way more yummy;)
Ok, so Chance finally couldn't handle it ANY longer and he proposed! It was Dec 27th at like 1 am. Ya, I know. One am....crazy. But he said he wanted it to be just us and he wanted it to be special and in his own timing. It was super special. I was super tired and we had just gotten back from Ellinwood to his apartment, I had finished helping him get stuff inside, and I laid down on the couch. He kept trying to make a fire and was super stressed about it. I said I didnt care about a fire I just wanted to relax. He was very upset about it but said he just wanted to cuddle on the couch. Well I got comfy under a blanket and as I rolled over there he was down on his knees asking me! I was pretty much shocked and half asleep and after about 15 minutes of me asking him if he was sure and he could wait if he wanted and omg are you sure you're doing this now...he said he sure was doing it and of course...I said yes!
Here's the JUICY details for all of you ladies who love to know the info;) Yes my ring is huge and YES he picked it out all by himself! 2.1 carat solitaire honey. 2.75 carats in combination with my engagement band and wedding band. I'm bragging...but Chance is amazing, and I have to brag on him. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful, loving, caring, and handsome man than Chance Haddon. Here's a few pics of the night he proposed. Don't judge me...it was one am haha! And I added a few of us confirming our engaged-ness on facebook:) I mean, that's when it's REALLY official;)

So that's our little special story. Looking back it was so relaxing and exciting and now almost 5 weeks later I am deep in plans and budgeting! What happened??? Weddings are crazy. I promised myself I would ENJOY this! But man I wish stuff wasn't so expensive. I mean, it's just one day! How can a photographer charge like 3500 dollars to photograph us for like 5 hours?! I should have been a photographer. Ok, so my sisters have voiced and suggested that I would benefit from blogging my wedding plans. So here I go. I'm committing. I will blog my wedding plans...AH! I'm crazy.
The date is August 27th, 2011. So mark your calendars! We are excited:) Please pray that we can stay grounded and in reality during this process. It is so hectic! People book so fast that it kinda forces you to book things fast and not feel like you are enjoying the process or enjoying it. But I refuse to not enjoy it. So watch out brides, the last Daeschner girl is on the roads.