Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beauty school drop out....

....sike! But this DOES get sung around the house ohhhh almost every day.... :) Eric Fisher Academy = AMAZING! I have loved every minute so far! Well except all the safety and chemical lectures....BUT...I am a week away from the salon floor and have made it through these last 10 weeks! SOOO many tests! I don't even remember studying this much in college! Every 10 weeks you get placed in a new phase and this is my last week in the first phase, so a week from this Tuesday, I will be taking clients! YAY! We have learned SO much and I am ready to put it to use for sure. Just a few quick updates are:
1. This is my class! There are 16 of us, and that is great, because usually they have around 30 and we get lots of attention! They are a crazy, but entertaining bunch:)
2. This is Dani...she is my "BFF" in the class and I think Jesus sent me her to give me sanity throughout every day:) LOVE THIS GIRL (she is the one on the left) She is super artsy and has tattoos and cool hair and is so everything I am not brave enough to rock haha. We get along great and laugh a lot.
3. We had a crazy 80s day at school....enough said there.
4. We did a whole week of fun with up-dos and they are my new fave!!!! We learned so many cool techniques and I wish I had an up-do every day to play around with. They can be stressful under time constraints, but the pressure really makes you think and find solutions and sometimes you end up with the best stuff under pressure! One time we were all just fooling around and I did this up-do...not sure how I came up with it or if anyone besides a crazy runway show would even rock it, but whether it is pleasing to your eye or not....this is what happened when someone gave us a free hr, a back-combing brush, and a few bobby pins:)
We also did an up-do contest with categories that the whole school voted on...and I didn't really think mine fit into any of the categories given, but I ended up getting voted for 1st place in the Bridal category! I was really shocked...but I was super happy to see others liked what I had done. I actually had this whole other thing planned out that was sorta crazy, spunky-like, but I almost had a nervous breakdown half way through and did this in the last hour of the three we were given...ha! It was a fun experience:) I learned about myself that I love doing big dramatic up-dos that every day proms or brides probably wouldn't necessarily want, but they taught us a lot about doing dramatic ones and also toning them down for every day events.
5. We did our first all over REAL highlight yesterday! Not on a real person yet, but with real product that did real changes to the hair! It was awesome to see actual changes in the hair that I made happen! We get to do our first real client hair color this Saturday, and Chance's sister is coming in for me to do hers! Here is my first official color process of my career!!...
6. I STILL have an amazing husband of 8 months now who has been nothing but supportive in every way through this entire 10 weeks! We are hardly crossing paths it seems, because the other update is that I am in fact serving at Chili's a few nights a week to help with money. It definitely doesn't put a huge dent in any bills, but it gets us gas or an extra date night or socks or something;) It is so weird to be college educated, in full time school, and working part time....I feel pretty weird waiting tables and talking to tables who probably think I am 18 with no life or something...but hey, I love serving and I am dang good at it! So....back to husbandly things, he is still helping me study, going to get me any snack on nights where I am stressed, and definitely nightly foot rubs:) I even came home to flowers a few times when weeks were hard...Love this man! I know Jesus put us together every day for amazing reasons.....and I couldn't make it through school without him.
7. YES I did cut my long locks...not too short, but short for me! My teacher ended up talking me into it actually...she had done some of the others girls' hair and I was definitely impressed with her techniques and ability to give each person a personalized styled cut. I gave in and there went 7 inches! I thought I would cry...or miss it...or something...but I actually LOVE IT! I didn't tell Chance I did it, and he was so surprised when I came home! He told me he loved it and he definitely likes the change. It isn't shorter because I am a newlywed...and it's not shorter just because I am in hair school:)...It has been a blast doing something new and the long hair wasn't doing much for me regardless. It is a little shorter in the back than in the front, and I can still put it up in a ponytail. I had never had a different style, so I am loving the idea of getting to try new things. This is a horrible picture I know, but I haven't had the chance to get a good side picture or anything when it looks better....I've been so busy! But the general idea hopefully you can see and I'll put up more later. The other picture is me saying goodbye to my longer hair a few minutes before she cut it. Had to get one "before" pic!
So that is the current update on hair school! I am sure I will have lots more stories once I start taking clients, but I have had zero doubts so far so that is encouraging! I am also super pumped because one of my dear friends asked me today to do her wedding hair and all 7 bridesmaids!!! I am so excited and honored she asked...I love that I love what I do and can't wait to learn more!