Monday, February 20, 2012

Chance being husbandish

...again! Chance and I both agreed to not do Valentine's day celebrations since I did the office for us, but when I came home from school on the 14th, Chance had a little surprise for me:) He got me this HUGE hot pink froggy to snuggle with, chocolates, and flowers. I love that he understands it's the small things that make my heart so happy. He also got us balcony seats for the movie "The Vow" at the Warren, which is super special, because you sit in this special balcony part with huge heated loveseats and servers come get your order for popcorn, pop, candy, or actual food with a press of a button at your seat. Fancy, right?! :) He also got me two love movies that had the actors in them that are in "The Vow" so that I could "get my fix" of them until the movie the next day. So he got one movie with Channing Tatum and one with Rachel McAdams. HA! It was pretty cute. Look at the set up he had!
So our first married Valentine's was really special, and honestly this whole month of February has been really exciting and has had me on my knees thanking Jesus for all the opportunities He has presented me with. I am so happy that Jesus created marriage, because sharing my life with Chance has been the most amazing thing yet. On a side note...the dogs NEVER pay attention to the TV. Occasionally if there are dogs barking, they look around, but pretty much they are oblivious to the goings-on. Chance and I were watching the dog show the other night and even though there was no barking or anything, Beast happened to catch the TV in his sight, and parked himself in front of the screen for the entirety of the show. If we changed the channel, he walked away, and when we turned back, he'd wander back over and stare straight up at the screen. It was the cutest thing I ever saw! I took a video of it, but it's too hard to post it because it is too big. But here is a picture. His head would follow the dogs back and forth as the owners trotted them around. HA! Maybe we was looking for a girlfriend;)
It reminded me of this from 101 Dalmations:)

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